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 After months of development, we're proud to finally introduce Squishy! Well, what Squishy is, isn't really definable by common conventions. So, I'll give you a squishy definition, you can then decide for yourself.

 One could call it an all-purpose file manipulator (We were actually going to call it that). More than that, at its core, Squishy's aim is to provide convenience and trivialize actions that's usually a chore to accomplish. In that vein, Squishy has a large focus shifted towards metadata and file properties.

 A way Squishy provides convenience is by removing the 'command-line' from often-used command-line applications. Squishy Execute gives you direct access to their arguments and with the plethora of macros provided, typing will surely be reduced.

 There's way more Squishy can do than what's listed here. So, if you're interested, please click the following link.

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Evrnet Squishy - General Screen Evrnet Squishy - Integrity Screen

Wallpaper Switcher

 With each new version, Wallpaper Switcher evolves and version 1.4 is a testament to this. Evrnet Wallpaper Switcher is unlike any Desktop wallpaper changing application you've seen before. It deviates from the cookie-cutter 'look at me' approach and it's content with remaining out of sight in the background until needed.

  Most of its features like browsing for new wallpapers and switching Desktop wallpapers can be accessed from the notification area. The latter is as simple as a double-click. All this doesn't mean it lacks a rich user interface. On the contrary, a great deal of it may be customized. We regularly release themes, but that doesn't mean you can't create your own.

 Last version gave you the ability to position larger wallpapers. Wallpapers could be positioned, flipped, and centered. This feature has been improved as well. You can now zoom your positioned wallpapers because not all wallpapers are the same, some benefit from 100% resolution, others really do not.

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Evrnet Wallpaper Switcher - Main Screen Evrnet Wallpaper Switcher - Wallpaper Options

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