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Grandmamma, what Great Eyes You have Got!

The first Evrnet application of 2013 has just been released and it's a new one at that! Let's get into Evrnet's latest application, Sight.

So, you've got a business and need a website. 'Cause nowadays, it's truly a major part of gaining new customers and keeping the old. Seeing the high prices, you can't afford to commission a web developer. So you do-it-yourself, knowing you aren't one.

After several tries, you nail it. It's been weeks, but nobody's visiting. Cue Evrnet Sight. Firstly, it's been designed for you; the part-time, I-don't-really-have-time web developer. Sight deals with SEO, you may not know much about it yet. Simply, it helps guys like Google and Bing find your site. Which in-turn helps prospective visitors find your site.

Evrnet Sight has truly been developed for with the intention of giving website administrators (whose day-job may not necessarily be web development) the ability to effortlessly create sitemaps. But if you think this software only benefits novice web developers, you're sorely mistaken. You can choose between simple text-based and more advanced XML-based sitemaps, that allow for more fields which greatly improve your chances at being seen.

If you're concerned about bandwidth. We've added a feature that allows you to compress your sitemap with the compatible Gzip compression format. Other features we've included allow you to directly upload your sitemap after its creation and submit it to Google and Bing. Don't want a file or folder crawled? Again, we've got you covered. Simply click 'No' under 'Allow Robot' in the file options menu and you're done!

We've given Sight a solid user-interface so you can see, no pun intended (Okay a little..), and do more. We've also done something different with regards to the actual 'crawler' or 'robot'. You have the option for Sight to scan your computer for a local version of your website available. It may be offline, but your sitemap will look just as good as if it were compiled online. Which takes me to my next point. If you don't have a local copy of your website, you can make use of the online mode. It utilizes FTP technology, which allows you to better select files to include / exclude files from your sitemap.

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Main Screen w/File Options PaneMain Screen w/Finalization Menu


File Information
File Version:1000
File Size:3.4MB
Released:Jan 29th '13
MD5 Checksum:4733B2B27F7E01CF89396B58E7668AE7
SHA1 Checksum:B0710D223F56C761ED88D04DD130E0878D03813C
System Requirements
Operating System:Microsoft Windows XP or Higher with Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 Installed
Hard Disk Space: Min: 35MB
Memory:Min: 512MB

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q. How do I know which version of the .NET Framework I have installed?
A. Evrnet Installer / Unpacker will detect if you have the required version of the .NET Framework installed. You'll be notified if your system doesn't meet the requirements. Conversely, you may download Evrnet .NET Check; it tells you what versions of the Microsoft .NET Framework you have installed. No installation required. Read more here.
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Version Log-

Version: | Released:01.29.13
Initial Release
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Product History-

Product History for Evrnet Sight

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Sight1.0Jan 29th '13EHF

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