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A Little Polish Never Hurt Anyone

Of all Evrnet software on Softpedia, it's garnered the most amount of downloads in the shortest amount of time. So, for the second time in five months, Evrnet Unit Converter is back! But let's not waste time and jump right into it. At first glance, it doesn't look like drastic changes took place. Well, you may be right, here's why. See, the developer's took a long look at Unit Converter 2.0 to see what wasn't working as well as it should've been working. They looked at the features that could be made better, be made more efficient. And other features they wanted to add, but couldn't because of time constraints. They took note of this and made it their priority instead of going overboard (like they usually do) with adding new features.

Something that could be improved was the Quick-Conversion feature–where you can save frequently used conversions and easily access them later. When it debuted in UC20 (Unit Converter 2.0), it only allowed 5 Quick-Conversion to be saved. That really wasn't so bad (He had to say it. Or be fired), but what if, for whatever reason, you needed 6? They introduced a new system and rid it of its limit. Another instance of this was in the Recipe Conversion feature. There you could take a recipe and convert any of the individual ingredients and accurately adjust the servings. Again, a nice feature, but the ingredient list was limited to 25. Not bad, but more intricate recipes may require 26 ingredients. Unlike the Quick-Conversion feature, deleting an ingredient is not an option. Back they came and made it better.

One or is it two of the new features is the ability to export and import your converted recipes, Quick-Conversions, and even your profile settings. They added a whole bunch of other stuff to make Unit Converter 2.0 better, well now it's Unit Converter 2.5. Because the foundation has kept the same, users can install Unit Converter 2.5 over Unit Converter 2.0 and use it without a hitch. You won't have to re-set your defaults or Quick-Conversions.

If you used Unit Converter 2.0, you may see to which extent they improved it. If on the other hand, you hadn't yet experienced Unit Converter 2.0, you'll see one of, if not the best unit converters available. Bar none. Then again, talk is cheap. Try it.

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Unit Converter v2.5 - Main ScreenUnit Converter v2.5 - Recipe Conversion ScreenUnit Converter v2.5 - Recipe Conversion ScreenUnit Converter v2.5 - BMI Calculator


File Information
File Version:2500
File Size:1.7MB
Released:Apr 30th '13
MD5 Checksum:B52B9278E9FE5203570EFA4C8138EB74
SHA1 Checksum:3A3781E91DD4AFE47558542B8B857EA304F9D821
System Requirements
Operating System:Microsoft Windows XP or Higher with Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 Installed
Hard Disk Space: Min: 20MB
Memory:Min: 512MB

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q. How do I know which version of the .NET Framework I have installed?
A. Evrnet Installer / Unpacker will detect if you have the required version of the .NET Framework installed. You'll be notified if your system doesn't meet the requirements. Conversely, you may download Evrnet .NET Check; it tells you what versions of the Microsoft .NET Framework you have installed. No installation required. Read more here.
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Version Log-

Version: | Released:04.30.13
What's New
Bug Fix

Version: | Released:11.30.12
What's New

Version: | Released:09.05.11
Initial Release
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Product History-

Product History for Evrnet Unit Converter

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Unit Converter2.5Apr 30th '13EHF
2.0Nov 30th '12EHF
1.0Sep 5th '11EHF

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