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Convenience and Ease at Your Fingertips

Eight months have passed since the first version of Milestone Archiver, one of our most successful applications was released. We've invested months in the development of its successor. Get ready, it's here.

Existing features were tuned to get more efficiency out of them. Features like Selective Archive and Secondary Archive were added, giving you more freedom and convenience.

Like its predecessor, Milestone Archiver v2.0 is not a regular backup application. You will use it to save your important files. Like the intention you have with ordinary backup software. But unlike the others, it's unobtrusive as it runs in the background. It doesn't take center stage, you can run MA and archive files and folders while playing and using resource draining games and applications. Try that with ordinary backup software. You can archive any of your projects at any given time from the notification area. Set Auto-Archive and save it daily, weekly, or monthly. MA even caters to nervous wrecks, save every several hours or even minutes!

MA 2.0 now offers two more compression methods (GZip and 7Zip) on top of the already awesome compression methods offered (BZip and Zip). It tightly compresses your files so you can have 60 archives created in 60 minutes with space to spare. What if you're paranoid you ask? Ah, good question. Archives can now be encrypted with super-special super-secret passwords that nobody will ever guess! (1234?) ...moving along.

As mentioned earlier, Selective Archive is a new feature that allows- (You to archive selected projects instead of one or all?) ...yes in a nutshell. It's much more complicated than that. (Other than it includes a shutdown feature, is it?) No. But Selective Archive has replaced the full archival of all projects by double-clicking the Milestone Archiver icon in the Notification Area.

For those who liked the feature, that along with Selective Archive, and Individual Project Archive can be accessed with command-line arguments. These and other features were specifically tailored for power users and system administrators to get the job done faster and more efficiently. You can even install it on a web server and backup data on demand. As with the previous version, it works great with archiving game saves for games that use AutoSave. Our new compression methods, as mentioned earlier, work wonders in reducing the compression time and consumption of system resources.

I could continue about how Secondary Archive works as a fail-safe if the folder or removable media isn't present. Or maybe that full Evrnet Launcher v1.1 support has been added. Even, that you can get information about your archives within Milestone Archiver. But I won't, I've said all I could. The choice on whether to download or not is yours...

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Main ScreenEvrnet Milestone Archiver v2.0 Showing the Milestone Archive InformationControl Milestone Archiver v2.0 from the Notification Area


File Information
File Version:2000
File Size:1.8MB
Released:Apr 4th '13
MD5 Checksum:56E3014EDE8A819D3F7D185B5C8C5EBB
SHA1 Checksum:F3A1978DF468D203767F5EAF15498293EB504AEF
System Requirements
Operating System:Microsoft Windows XP or Higher with Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 Installed
Hard Disk Space: Min: 35MB
Memory:Min: 512MB

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q. How do I know which version of the .NET Framework I have installed?
A. Evrnet Installer / Unpacker will detect if you have the required version of the .NET Framework installed. You'll be notified if your system doesn't meet the requirements. Conversely, you may download Evrnet .NET Check; it tells you what versions of the Microsoft .NET Framework you have installed. No installation required. Read more here.

Q. Besides .NET, do I need any other software installed to run Milestone Archiver?
A. Nope. Milestone Archiver ships with all the required components. Just bring your sparkling personality.
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Version Log-

Version: | Released:04.04.13
What's New
Bug Fix

Version: | Released:07.31.12
Initial Release
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Product History-

Product History for Evrnet Milestone Archiver

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Milestone Archiver2.0Apr 4th '13EHF
1.0Jul 31st '12EHF

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