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Don't Destroy the Curve. Annihilate it.

Evrnet vFlash Card is a virtual adaptation of the traditional physical flash cards (hence the prefixed 'v' in vFlash Card). Some would call the name uninspired, they would be right (and unemployed). The initial concept was that traditional flash cards would be far surpassed by a virtual adaptation. It was based on time taken to create, reusability of the flash cards, and (most importantly) the cost of creating them. In our opinion, the cons far outweighed the pros.

Cue Evrnet vFlash Card 0.9, it was designed for students, employees, and basically, anybody that needed to learn something. Its true usefulness, however, came to sore winners (Suck it! Losers!). It was a complete suite to create and answer questions in one application. Now it's back.

The tagline is "Don't Destroy the Curve. Annihilate it.". You'll certainly be able to do that with vFlash Card v2.0. The entire application has been re-imagined and redesigned from the ground upwards. It takes a minimalist approach that focuses mainly on the task-at-hand rather than style-over-substance. While drastic changes have taken place, its core philosophy remained. It needed to be intuitive and easy-to-use as well as comprehended for all ages without being 'dumbed-down; for the kids'. We believe we accomplished this.

Users of previous versions will enjoy the ability to import Question Packs from v1.0 into vFC v2.0 and continue where they ended. Both the amount of questions and slots (Profiles or Subjects) were limited to 1, 000 and 8, respectively. Gone are the limits! Go crazy and create 9 profiles with 1,001 questions if you want. The sky's the limit (available HDD space is the sky).

Different types of questions may now be set, from regular to true or false and even questions that display an image in addition to the text. Set case sensitivity on the answers or set multiple acceptable answers. With all these new question types and unlimited question capacity, we've made the navigation of the questions easier. We even added dedicated search bars to help find questions faster.

A feature we sorely wanted to add since the very beginning (0.9), was the ability to shuffle the order of the questions. Since real tests don't display the questions in the order in which studied them. (Think you have all the answers? The I change the order of the questions. Rowdy Roddy Piper's one was better.) We wanted to give you the best tools that would help you succeed (i.e. Nail it, Kill it, Crash it, Slam It, Own it). Now we have. We also realized that certain questions will have to follow each other. This means, a question set to follow another question, will follow as intended, despite shuffling the order of the questions.

In previous versions, the stat report was little more than a dialog with the number of questions answered correctly / incorrectly and the overall elapsed time of the test. That was as far as the statistics went and some will have found this stripped-back report sufficient. We're honestly not hating on it. That's why we slightly modified it, but ultimately kept it as the simple stat report. For users who are a bit more obsessive. Check out some of these analytical features. 'Full Stats' are the full-blown version of the previously mention simple statistics report. Receive verbose analysis on each question you answered in the latest completed test. Some include the time it took to answer and the time it took to answer on the previous run.

All statistics for each question are saved and can be recalled at a later date. Some include the correct / incorrect ratio and the overall and average time spent on that question. The actual test hasn't been left outside either. Information on the test is just as easily available as the info on the questions.

Do more things in more ways more often with less effort. Simply put, vFlash Card v2.0 is Evrnet's #BiggestEver. All-in-all, vFlash Card v2.0 is a major improvement on its predecessors and has frankly, never looked better. If you're anal, obsessive, competitive, a sore winner, or just need to study for a test. Get vFlash Card v2.0 right now and annihilate the curve.

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Evrnet vFlash Card - Questions & Answers ScreenEvrnet vFlash Card - Statistics Analysis ScreenEvrnet vFlash Card - Full Statistics Screen


File Information
File Version:2030
File Size:2.0MB
Released:Nov 13th 2014
MD5 Checksum:9D2B86916334F9FEE3085566AB5DDE37
SHA1 Checksum:4218FFCC0CDBBD3AFC0D824A2673674A43481464
System Requirements
Operating System:Microsoft Windows XP or Higher with Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 Installed
Hard Disk Space: Min: 30MB
Memory:Min: 512MB

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q. How do I know which version of the .NET Framework I have installed?
A. Evrnet Installer / Unpacker will detect if you have the required version of the .NET Framework installed. You'll be notified if your system doesn't meet the requirements. Conversely, you may download Evrnet .NET Check; it tells you what versions of the Microsoft .NET Framework you have installed. No installation required. Read more here.
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Version Log-

Version: | Released:11.13.14
What's New
Bug Fix

Version: | Released:06.06.14
What's New
Bug Fix

Version: | Released:02.24.14
What's New
Bug Fix

Version: | Released:09.30.13
What's New

Version: | Released:06.30.12
What's New
Bug Fix

Version: | Released:09.05.11
Initial Release
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Product History-

Product History for Evrnet vFlash Card

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vFlash Card2.0Nov 13th '14EHF
1.0Jun 26th '13n/a
0.9Sep 5th '11n/a

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