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This section of The Evrnetwork is dedicated to provide applications that we believe are useful to both power and general users alike. Evrnet applications listed here, don't necessarily fit with the rest of our product offering. They are usually smaller and only provide one use. They are also usually presented in stripped-down packaging and don't include extras like Launcher support and the Evrnet Installer. Despite this, you can be assured of the same quality you'd expect from other products in the Evrnet software offering.

Evrnet .NET Check

Evrnet .NET Check is a GUI application aimed at End-Users for ensuring their system meets the .NET Framework requirements of new software. Whether willing or not, users will know up front that they might have to download and install additional software. It might be more useful to some users who are capped and cannot afford to waste bandwidth on large files that are incompatible with their systems.

.NET Check does not need to be installed and makes zero changes to the user computer. It runs natively on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit distributions are supported. It's bundled with a flexible license that freely permits redistribution with both FOSS and commercial products.

Software Details

OS - Windows XP or Higher
HDD - 1.0MB
Version - 1000
Release - May 29th '14
MD5 Checksum - 22723823C6A96B819A170DD4A2F14237
SHA1 Checksum - A03BED1F1E2134296B25B8CF20AD8D5A1E6D4752


Evrnet Constant Interruption

Unfortunate as it is, everyone should know the feeling of their screen dimming while reading either an email or article. Arguably worse is playing a game on your PC with a controller and having the same happen. Mild inconvenience becomes a potentially game breaking experience. The cause of this issue is the system entering an idle state. Some applications like PC games handle input from game controllers but don't tell your PC. After a certain period of inactivity, your PC in turn believes you aren't there and begins to work in the background. Some actions are trivial, yet some are critical.

Background anti-virus scans, which are important, can have a detrimental effect on your play time. Inconvenient as it is, quickly moving or tapping the mouse ever so often will tell your PC you're still there. If you're not keen on that, Constant Interruption is the application to have for those times. It tells your PC not to enter an idle state period. When running, your screen will not dim, your screen saver will not run, and your PC will not sleep. In most occasions, a single click is all that's required to get it running. No administration rights are required and closing it will return your system to normal.

Software Details

OS - Windows Vista or Higher
HDD - 1.0MB
Version - 1.0
Release - Dec 20th '16
MD5 Checksum - CF489D7FA9C162D3478538A6D7948380
SHA1 Checksum - 90A2BA61AED1F816B108FF8D280496CC5B9FE440
100% Virus Free