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Launcher + Control Issues = The Perfect Match

It may look a lot like v1.1, but it works a little bit differently than before. Updates made to Launcher in version 1.2 are more in a technical nature than graphical one. One such example of this is that it's been stripped completely of its internal documentation. The internal documentation provided structure and security, however it bloated the software and restricted documentation updates. The dev team combined the pros of both the internal and the original external systems. What they got was a drastic reduction in file size, same structure and security, fast loading times, and documentation flexible enough to be updated when needed.

The bandwidth-conscience (i.e. cheap) user be especially giddy in the reduction of the file size. But that also means it's faster to download, guess everyone would like that. Other than that what does this mean for you? Possibly nothing. 'Cause Evrnet is freaking awesome (other than their sweat-shop wages), they won't leave you outside in the cold. Help files for the application will be included when you download. Which makes it perfect for offline installations. However, if you have already installed Evrnet software prior to installing Launcher v1.2, you will be prompted to install the documentation. Click 'OK' and cue EFH to download, install, and restart the application. Everything is done for you. Even though I'm being paid to say nice things (not much, $0.12 a word in Canadian Dollars). The download and installation system is awesome. Don't worry if the system that requires it doesn't have an Internet connection or installations on multiple systems need to be achieved. Visit our website: (shameless self-promotion if I ever saw it) and get the offline files there. I would give instructions on what to download, but it's already there (besides, I don't feel like it). Just download it once, transfer, and double-click. And it's K.O.'d by EFH.

The dev team went on to say that, groundwork has been laid for better communication between Evrnet applications. And that applications compatible with Launcher v1.2 will provide a fuller more complete experience.

...I've run out of things to say, so I'll be going now. But before I do, the goodness that is Evrnet Launcher v1.2 is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems (I was paid to say goodness).

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Main ScreenHelp Centre v1.2


File Information
File Version:1202
File Size:1.2MB
Released:May 31st '13
MD5 Checksum:DF54CADAF1B300B9A92A948639145E9E
SHA1 Checksum:B16A1FDDF53E50B6FD651F321F85C8B7C8F6C704
System Requirements
Operating System:Microsoft Windows XP or Higher with Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 Installed
Hard Disk Space: Min: 20MB
Memory:Min: 512MB

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q. How do I know which version of the .NET Framework I have installed?
A. Evrnet Installer / Unpacker will detect if you have the required version of the .NET Framework installed. You'll be notified if your system doesn't meet the requirements. Conversely, you may download Evrnet .NET Check; it tells you what versions of the Microsoft .NET Framework you have installed. No installation required. Read more here.
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Version Log-

Version: | Released:05.31.13
What's New
Bug Fix

Version: | Released:09.27.12
What's New
Bug Fix

Version: | Released:06.21.12
What's New

Version: | Released:09.05.11
Initial Release
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Product History-

Product History for Evrnet Launcher

Note: The Top-Level Item Denotes the Latest Version.

Launcher1.2May 31st '13n/a
1.1Sep 27th '12n/a
1.0Jun 21st '12n/a
0.9Sep 5th '11n/a

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