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Welcome to our comments page. This is the place where you can tell us what's on your mind. Ideally, we'd like it to be about Evrnet... but if you want to talk about that b*tch Sarah from work and how she's out to get you, go for it.

The form is pretty simple, but here are some controls on how to navigate it. Firstly, we've split the comment types into 3 different types:
General - Tell us that you love / hate us or... talk about Sarah.
Product - This one is to critique our applications.
Report Bug - This is used to report bugs in the website or any of our applications. Remember to select the applicable version.

Depending on what you want to say, use any of the previously stated comment types. If you require assistance or feedback, enter your email address in the 'About You' section under 'Full Name'. Both are 100% optional, but remember, we can't help you if we can't contact you. ♪ (Should look to trademark that... We can't help you, if we can't contact you.™). If you give us your email, we won't spam you, 'scouts honor. Check our privacy policy (updated Jan '14) if you don't believe us. Oooh, and one more thing! If you include your email, don't omit your name or else... ♥

(*Cough* Lame) Jokes aside. We are committed in delivering the best user experience possible. We appreciate any constructive feedback you give us and will try really hard to make it worth the time you took to send it.

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